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FW: Recognizing More Than Just Stars

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Subject: Recognizing More Than Just Stars

_Weekly tips to help you and your colleagues become more effective and
respected leaders. _
Think recognition should be reserved for top-notch workers who go "above and
beyond the call of duty"? If so, there's a good chance you're missing
opportunities to positively interact with the mainstream employees who are
the backbone your organization's success (not to mention your success as a
leader). These are the people who, day-in-day-out, meet expectations without
doing the outstanding things that attract attention. As a result, they are
often overlooked and taken for granted.

Sure, it's easy to ignore these folks. After all, they're just doing their
jobs … just doing what they're paid to do. But think about what would happen
if they didn't. Would you be able to get the results you want
and need? Would the superior members of your team be able to do outstanding
things without the support of the "backbone"? Probably not! Therefore,_
it's critical to appreciate and recognize those who maintain good, solid
performance over time_. Pay attention to these people. Support them. Coach
them. Be accessible when they need you. THANK THEM!

It's often the small things you do that make a big difference in building
people up to become even better performers. And that goes double for team
members who have performance problems. Sometimes, leaders assume that
employees with performance deficiencies in one area should not be recognized
when they do other things right. That's a big mistake! Even people with
problems are doing some things right. And each time they do provides you an
opportunity to build their confidence and reinforce what they've done well.
You see, bad work does NOT cancel out good work. They are separate actions
that should be dealt with separately – and appropriately. Do that and you'll
prove that you care about total performance … about helping everyone become
the best they can be.

Today's lesson is from [1]Positive Discipline
_By Eric Harvey and Paul Sims_

For more information on this resource and other high-impact WALK THE TALK
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