Wednesday, August 12, 2009

@ creative best :-)

After a two week training spree, I am back to my garage converted office, where me and Antony are working on a project which is really interesting. Last two weeks I came across some very interesting people with different cultures, and most importantly I came across the unknown facets of some very old friends, who are known to me for years together. This time, me and Joshi had all the free time under the sun to discuss about 'Jesus', and we spent hours on the final day of the training (after the training), discussing and debating, and then proceeded to do some last minute shopping. We were supposed to go to 'Lulu' super market but I changed my mind half way through to go to the curio shop attached to the church.
At the shop, a young gentleman was busy with his computer. My last visit to this shop was around 15 years back, and at that time it was run by an old couple. Assuming that the gentleman at the shop is their son, I could not resist from enquiring about the old graceful couple. I opened up a communication channel with a 'Hello', to the young gentle man, breaking his concentration. What a coincidence....this young gentle man 'Cecil' is from my same village 'Varapuzha' in the state of Kerala of India....and we were meeting for the first time at Muscat!. God's ways!. We had a long and interesting discussion on Bible, the way to read it and follow it etc...and towards the end, he gifted me with a bible to read while travelling, and I did read it.
Here is a passage from the bible which caught my attention;
" I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go. I will counsel you with my eye upon you".
God's ways are different!. Thank you Jesus !

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The softest pillow is a clear conscience

I first heard about this quote in an interview with Mr.Narayanamurthy, the founder chairman of Infosys on NDTV. Since then, I am trying to reach that level. Some days, at the end of the day I am almost there, when my conscience is very clear at the end of the day, and I sleep well. Some days, I end up doing things, which I dont really intend to do. I have created more enemies by saying 'Yes' when I really want to say 'No'. It could be a cousin, who is seeking my help to find a better job for his son, or a distant relative who wants to make use of my connections to sell his products, or it could be a friend pouring that next drink, which you really dont like to have, or it could be the boss, who is proposing something which is not convincing to you. Some times I feel as if, life is all about making choices.

By saying 'Yes', when I really want to say 'No', actually I am going against my conscience. By trying to achieve a clear conscience at the end of the day, I am learning the art of saying 'No' to the things I really dont want to do, and I am learing to say 'Yes' to things ehich I really want to do, with utmost conviction.