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congratulations chandra pmp

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You have got new scrap on ClassTube!
Hi, Abrachan Pudusserry

N Bhanu Praveen Chandra
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Hi Abhi,I have Passed PMP certification yesterday with Moderately Proficient cadre. Thanks for your support.

Thank you,

congratulations dinesh pmp

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From: Dinesh Mathew
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Subject: 27.09.09 - PMP

Dear Sir,

How are you ?
I wish to inform you that I passed my PMP exam today from Dubai.
 Let me also take this opportunity to personally thank you & Antony for the splendid training given on your website and support for PMP process given by emails and telephone. I have used every resource you provided on the site. I wanted to attend your class in Cochin also, but couldnt snchronize the timing with my 30 day leave.
Earlier this year, it is after watching your podcast that I decided to do PMP. I had asked you in an email for your opinion on it and you had said "Nobody has ever  regretted being a PMP"!
I dont regret now. It is one certification that has influenced my view on work and life. Any professional benefit would be a bonus.
Thank you again,
Yours Sincerely,

Dinesh Mathew Mani
+971-55-9926488 (U.A.E)
+971-50-3309588 (U.A.E)


Saturday, September 26, 2009

crisp vada and chutney!

Only in bangalore you can this...!

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Blue bangalore sky

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today iam here

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