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FW: Have you registered for TechEase'09?(

May be of interest to you.

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Dear friend,

We are pleased to announce that* IIIT, Hyderabad (IIIT-H)* and *Usability (UMO) *are jointly organising *TechEase 2009*, a
first-of-its-kind workshop in India, for students/professionals,
on*usability, user interface design and innovation in technology
*, at IIIT-H's Gachibowli campus, Hyderabad,on *October 2-4, (Fri, Sat and
Sun), 2009.*

*What is TechEase'09?*
TechEase is first ever workshop in India to bring together technology and
design students to enable them look through each others' perspective to
understand Usability and User Interface Design, and help them design the
most user friendly interfaces for applications and devices we use in
day-to-day life.

*What is Usability & UI Design?*
Usability is all about doing the best designs for user interfaces of
computers, appliances, mobile communication devices, software applications,
and websites, so that users are able to enjoy their experience and
interaction with such devices.
The primary notion of usability and user interface design is that an object
designed with a generalized users' psychology and physiology in mind is, for

More efficient to use—it takes less time to accomplish a particular
Easier to learn—operation can be learned by observing the object
More satisfying to use
Why should students attend?*
Speakers are some of the world class experts from Microsoft, Cordys,
Convergys, etc.
Participants will leave with exciting new ideas, practical to-do lists, and
the knowledge to create better designs!

*Who should attend?*
Students in the final or pre-final year of engineering, architecture, or
Interested industry professionals too are welcome.
*Activities planned include: "Baddesign" contest,lectures by eminent
researchers, and Interactive sessions and workshops*
*What you should do to attend TechEase'09?*

- *Step 1 *: Register at
- *Step 2* : Identify bad designs in the tools and devices we use in
day-to-day life – The burger form and human mouth mismatch is a case of bad
design. For more such examples, refer to
- *Step 3* : Submit the identified bad designs at

*Deadline : **7th September 2009

Feel free to send in any enquiries to
With regards,
Team -*TechEase09*

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