Friday, September 4, 2009

#2 Comparing the planning process group of PMBOK V3 and V4

The PMBOK third edition has 21 processes in the planning process group, where as V4 has only 20 processes in the planning group;

Here are the mapping of planning processes between V3 and V4. Most of the processes remain unchanged. The names got changed to more of a 'verb-noun' combination. Plan purchases and acquisions, Plan Contracting processes of V3, got replaced with 'Plan procurements', which resulted in the reduction of planning group processes from 21 to 20.

Here is the mapping;

  • Develop project management plan -> Develop project management plan
  • Scope definition -> Define scope
  • Create WBS (work breakdown structure) - Create WBS
  • Activity definition -> Define activities
  • Activity sequencing -> Sequence activities
  • Activity resource estimating -> Estimate activity resources
  • Activity duration estimating -> Estimate activity durations
  • Schedule development -> Develop schedule
  • Cost estimating -> Estimate costs
  • Cost budgeting -> Determine budgets
  • Quality planning -> Plan quality
  • Human resource planning -> Develop human resource plan
  • Communications planning -> plan communications
  • Risk management planning -> plan risk management
  • Risk identification -> Identify risks
  • Qualitative risk analysis -> Qualitative risk analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis -> Quantitative risk analysis
  • Risk response planning -> Plan risk responses
  • Plan purchases and acquisitions - > No mapping to 4th edition
  • Plan contracting -> No mapping to 4th edition

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