Thursday, May 14, 2009

The teacher in me is happy ! Congratulations Pramod PMP !

pramodmeher: Hi Aby
This is Pramod from Doha,Qatar
took your PMP Class last year on May
10:24 me: hello
how are u
pramodmeher: I passed the exam y'day
Thank you very much
me: great man....congratulations
pramodmeher: for you for approach and tips what u have gave to us
me: my day is made

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  1. Hi ABY; this is Magdy Lashin; i took the PmDistilled with you in Doha on April' 09; would you pls. explain to me the Quantitative Risk Analysis & Modeling Tech. (EMV) & the desision tree analysis, i can't realy get it from the PMPBOK
    My e-mail is
    PMI user name: mlashin