Wednesday, May 6, 2009

#10 Implementing Agile

Reality Check - Sprint-0

The team is selected, the scrum master is identified, scrum training is provided to the team, product owner has explained the 'product vision' to the team and every one is ready to get into the first sprint. Are we really ready?. It is a good time to do a reality check with the team. Here is the questionnaire;

1) Do I really understand the product vision?. Do I need further clarity on this?

2) Do I understand the scrum framework?. Do I need further clarity on this?

3) Do I understand the technology to be used in the project?. Do I need any formal training?

4) Do I have the facilities and equipment to do my work properly?

5) Do I understand the definition of 'done' within this sprint?

6) Am I clear about my responsibilities within the sprint?. Do I need further clarity?

7) Can I commit to this sprint?. Will other known priorities affect my availability to this sprint?

8) If other priorities are going to affect the availability, please mention;

8.a) How many hours / day I will be available to the sprint?

8.b) Which are the hours I will be available to the sprint?

If the scrum master can get this filled up by all the team members including himself, the will be able to take care of lots of known unknowns :-)

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