Wednesday, May 6, 2009

# 11 Implementing Agile

Sprint planning meeting agenda

Total hours : 8

Sprint start date : ?????? End Date : ??????

Objective of the meeting
  • To agree and commit to a set of features that will be 'done' during the sprint
  • To agree on the demo date, time, participants and the acceptance criteria
  • To estimate the story points for the features agreed upon
  • To estimate the activity level effort requirements to complete the agreed upon features
  • To agree on the daily scrum (stand up) meeting place and time
  • To set the tracking board

    First half

    1) The scrum master explains the agenda for the meeting

    2) The product owner shares the 'theme' of the sprint to the team

    3) The product owner shares his/her priority of the features with the team

    4) Discussion time on the features (reference material - user stories)

    5) Derive the points for the features

    6) Lock in the features for the sprint

    Second half

    1) Decompose the features into activities

    2) Estimate the approximate effort required to complete the tasks

    3) Set the tracking board for the sprint

    4) Decide the daily stand up (scrum) meeting time and place

    5) Decide the demo date

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