Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Agile Chat :-)

Here is a short chat with a friend of mine on agile project management and I agree with him on this state of agile in outsorced projects. The cultural aspects coupled with the politics and insecurities (politics played by the product owners sitting in a far away country, sitting closer to the sponsor and trying to pressurize the off shore teams and some of the managers trying to be in the good books of the product owners in the process shying away from the 'right things' )compounds the whole process.

17:23 Sid hi aby... sorry i missed your messages.. i was out of town
17:24 me: probs...i was at pune then, thats why i pinged you
Sid: cool.. how are things with you.
17:25 me: where are u now?
Sid: in hyd..
me: things are fine by God's grace. Into agile consulting as well.
that keeps us going
17:26 Sid: hmmm... a very messed up word i would say.. agile.
everyone twists it to suit themselves to call it agile..
and if they cant implement.. every easily blame it on the model..
me: that is the opportunity for us :-)
17:27 Siddharth: at the end of the day.. politics wins..
me: :-)

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