Monday, April 27, 2009

#3 Implementing Agile

Cultural synchronization

Very often we get to work in teams where multiple cutures are involved, which if not understood well can lead to politics and improper teaming. There could be 'Iam Ok, You are not OK', 'I am Ok, You are Ok', 'I am not Ok, You are Ok' and 'I am not Ok, You are not OK' attitudes. This need not be at individual levels. It can exist at My culture Vs Your culture, My country Vs Your country, 'My office Vs Your office', 'My team Vs Your team' levels. To deliver as a team, all of us need to have 'I am Ok, You are Ok', 'My Culture is Ok, Your culture is Ok', 'My country is Ok, Your country is also fine' attitude. Team socializing is a must to break the ice, and it has to be a continuous process. In my view, there should be atleast one celebration during every sprint....and it has to happen naturally - not as a programmed activity. Cut loose and celebrate, whenever there is an opportunity...or rather create those opportunities to celebrate :-)

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