Saturday, April 25, 2009

#1 Implementing agile

First of all, one must start with the definition of a project; every project has a definite start and end date, are performed by people, constrained by limited resources, delivers unique products or services at the end. I took it from PMBOK, because it fits in well. In an outsourced environment, the typical project durations can be between 1 day to => 6 months. Here the million dollar question is "What is a project?".

In agile, if we have to make some meaning out of a sprint, it has to be atleast 1 week duration "5 working days". This will give some room for "project management". The definition of a project in an outsourced environment should be;

" Any meningful work (cohesive set of activities), which can deliver value and will take atleast 5 working days or more to complete by a team"

Trying to manage individual activities (cycle time 8 hours), is an over kill. If it is an exception, it can be managed by including it as an unplanned activity in the current sprint. If majority of the work comprises of discrete activities which need less than 1 day to complete, it is better to manage them using a task sheet.

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