Thursday, March 19, 2009

I saw poverty today !

After my 10 day training trip to Bangalore, I am back to my village today. The first thing I observed was the black coloured flag infront a a small house near my house, announcing the death of someone in that house. Since I felt that this is the last chance for me to see the dead person, I went to that house, to have a last glimpse. The body was laid on the floor on a torn mat. Of course they had a TV and a DVD player and apart from that, everything in the house was speaking loudly about POVERTY. Till yesterday, I was in the glittering world of the city and the corporate life, of the well furnished offices, educated people, multi cuisine canteens, expresso coffee, expensive cars, management discussions, and suddenly I am in this house of this poorest of the poor, who died of a heart attack and it is a great leveller. I am sure that I will be complaining less about the things I dont have, here after.

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