Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Agile project management using scrum - workshop

Agile project management using SCRUM – workshop structure

Day -1

1) Overview - Projects? Nature of Projects.Discusses different types of projects, their characteristics, when to go agile and when not to go agile.

2) Overview - PDCA Vs PDSA (How the conventional project management concepts and the agile methods compliment each other?) .Discusses the synergy between the conventional project management wisdom and agile methods. While the conventional wisdom is valid for planning at a macro level (project, release), agile is the way to go during execution and tracking. Demonstration with an exercise.

3) Let us develop a feature list (scope will be given) and estimate the effort required (work in teams) . Using conventional wisdom, estimate the effort required for the scope given – exercise

4) Overview - SCRUM framework
The SCRUM framework is explained including Agile manifesto, values, scrum principles, product backlog, sprint planning meeting, sprint board, burn down chart, scrum meeting, product demo, lessons learned, work volunteering, product owner roles, scrum master roles, team member roles.

5) Teach product backlog
In-depth discussion on product backlog, feature prioritization risk driven Vs value driven.
Exercise – develop a product backlog

6) Teach agile project planning
In-depth discussion on how to plan at the project level, release level and sprint level.

7) Teach User stories and story points
Exercise – Expand the key features in the product backlog in consideration to user stories.

8) Teach Sprint velocity calculations. Exercise on sprint velocity calculations

9) Teach sprint planning meeting. Exercise on sprint planning meeting

10) Teach daily scrum meeting. Exercise on daily scrum meeting

11) Teach sprint review meeting. Exercise on sprint review meeting

Day – 2

12) Mock project

12.1) Perform sprint planning meeting
12.2) Develop the sprint board and the design board
12.3) Perform daily scrum meetings

12.4) Perform sprint review meetings

13) Experience sharing on ‘Challenges while implementing’

14) Experience sharing on ‘Scaling scrum across multi location teams’

15) Discussion of tools and demo

16) Lets plan your projects ( The participants will bring in their cases), Lets do it the scrum way)

17) Discussion on the implementation strategy

Duration of the program 2 days

· Participants will be grouped into teams of 5
· Maintaining the time lines is very important
· Each team will be provided with a white board or a flip chart and yellow post its large and small sizes + marker pens
· Each team will have access to the internet
· Ideal audience size is 15 persons
Profile and contact details of the instructor at www.abrachan.com

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