Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tips on PMP certification by Pratap K Sahoo PMP

Dear All/Team, Dear Abby/Chinmay,
Thanks to all for congratulating me.

Yes , of-course ! It's my pleasure to share my success.I think following things can be the better way of passing the PMP exam in first Attempt.(I cleared on Nov-6th, with total exp of 4.7 year)
Priority No1:Whether or not a candidate is into project management its better to study from:
1) Start preparing Question / Answer. Try to attempt all available Questions/ Answer.(This will give a general idea).2) Try to visualise (no need to remember all, if possible then its good) all Input/Output of each Process Group,and its tool & technology...
2) Remember all Calculations / Formula, e.g. EV,PV,AC,CPI,SPI,BAC, ETC,EAC,VAC ,BCR ,BCWS,BCWP,its very easy , just remember.(I got more questions on this approx (15/20)4) Go for simulation software (any) just to acquaint yourself with the pattern ,also give you a strength for sitting constantly 4 hr in Exam.
Priority No2:
5) PMBOK Guide atleast twice, with remembering 5 KA, 9 PG.(no need to read all , bcz few are reapeated like I/O , tools & techniques.6) Study Material Abby/ Rita Mulcahy PMP Text book.

Imp questions: i) What happen if (CPI +ve,,SPI -ve) / (Both -ve )/ (Both +ve) / (CPI -ve,,SPI +ve). ii) No of communication channel , for n number of team members. iii) What are the type of Handling Conflicts. iv) Selection of a project , ireespetvive of IRR,BCR,NPV. v) Maslow Hierrachy/Herzberg Thery(Theory X/Y)/Douglas Mc-Gregor Thery. vi) Type of Management Style(6 types, e.g autocratic/leissez faire/democratic etc). vii) Conflict Intensity . highest --> Lowest (e.g Schedule , Priorities, then Manpower , .... at last Cost) viii) Five interpersonal Influences of a successfull PM.(e.g Legitimate,Reward,Penalty , Exper, Referrent) ix) Forms of communications. x) Try to understand Professional code conduct & responsiblity( its different from real Life)
Since all questions are situation based, we have to have enough understanding of issues.
Hope this might be usefull for you.I believe the plan to study should come from ones Job Profile, time availability, Liking , and Own way of remembering,reading habit.
Please let me know for further info , for this exam, at any time, i am available to answer you!

Regards,PRATAP K. SAHOO MCA, PMP, 6s Black Belt(CSSBB), OCA "Stay with Business"SSE Ignis Technology Solution, Bangalore, India Work : +91-80-26592165 Mobile : +91-9880-319-807

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