Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Collabteam - New features

1) The home page is made simpler. The central theme is log in and signup. This is deliberately done to help the real user of collabteam (simple and faster).

2) Implemented the sprint velocity calculation feature. This feature helps the team to;

a) Continuously understand it’s capability by analysing the sprint velocity (planned story points / completed story points). The planned story points are frozen while activating the sprint, where as the actual story points are calculated by adding up the completed story points at the end of the sprint. This helps the team to really analyse how much they are able to complete against committed features for the sprint. The key benefit - continuous improvement (the gradually learns to deliver what they committed). This is key to improving productivity of the team.

b) Sprint velocity calculations are implemented under the ’sprint wall’

Click here to check these features

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