Monday, July 21, 2008

PMP question and answers


How many months ahead of the exam I need to register with PMI ?
Can I do it myself online or do I need to sent hard copies documentsto them?


It is not necessary that one need to be a PMI member for taking PMPexams. The number of PMPs wordwide are more than the PMI members asof now. This explains it.Once you gain 35 contact hours (pre-requisite for writing the exam),the exam can be written within the next 8 years. That means your 35contact hours earned is valid for 8 years.Experience have taught us that, all those who have become a PMP, onthe first go itself, have attempted the exam within 40 days ofcompletion of the course (while the lessons are fresh in the mind)While applying for the exam, you need not send any copies of yourcertificates. Sometimes your application may undergo an audit (randomselection). In that case, PMI may ask for the copies of thecertificates (including experience certificates)

Trust this clarifies.


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